Copper Cable Granulator

Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Wire Stripping Machine

Wire Stripping Machine Introduction
Copper wire stripping machine is used to strip scrap copper wires and cables to recycle the net copper. It can process wires with diameter 1-90mm. One point needs to pay attention is that the wires and cables to be processed should be straight or without knots.
AMS Series
Wire Stripper Machine Features
1. Multi-functional wire & cable stripper is driven by single or three phase motor. It can be used to process various wires, wrapped copper clad, wrapped aluminum wire and the steel wire etc.
2. Amisy wire stripping machine can strip single-core and double-core flat wires at one time. The machine is equipped with many wire holes to process different types of wires, such as round wire hole, twins wire hole, rack knife wire hole as well as pressing wire hole.
3. Two adjusting handles can change the distance between knives to process wires with different diameter.
4. Gearbox and electric motor is equipped with start and stop button which can ensure safe operation。
5. The copper wires stripped by wire stripper machine is still entire which are easy to store and convenient to be remanufactured.
6. Others: Easy operation, simple knife change, low cost and no pollution. What’s more, all our wire stripping machines are with CE certification.


Wire Stripping Machines

We have five kinds of wire stripping machines which can be used to process various wires and cables. On the other hand, the machine is multifunctional which is equipped with many stripping holes to process wires and cables with a wide variety of diameters.
Tips: If the diameter of the wires is too small, the copper wire granulator is a pretty good choice which would crush the wires into granulator so as to increase the recovery efficiency of the copper.

AMS Series
Wire Stripping Machine Technology Data

Model 918-A 918-F 918KA 918KOB 918-B
Dia. of Wire Processed 1-25mm 1-25mm 1-35mm 1-42mm 2-90mm
Voltage 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v
Power 1.5kw 1.5kw 2.2kw 2.2kw 3kw/4kw
Dimensions 550*510*840mm 560*550*840mm 600*580*840mm 700*610*840mm 800*580*1200mm
Weight 60kg 70kg 80kg 110kg 200kg
Daily Productivity 100-300kg 
150-300kg 400-1000kg 600-1500kg 800-2000kg

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