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Several Popular Machines in Wire Recycling


All roads lead to Roma, but we always want to find a shortcut to reach our destination. Therefore, people have developed many machines to realize efficient production. Wire recycling is not an exception. It includes many machines such as crane, incinerator, cable graulator, wire stripping machine, etc.

It will be a little mixed and disorderly if we list so many machines. Generally speaking, it has three big system:wet cable recycling system, dry cable recycling system and wet& dry cable recycling system. No matter which system it is, some machines are all needed, including cable granulator, magnetic iron separation, conveyor, separator, etc. The difference of three systems is that wet cable system makes full use of water separation while dry cable system adopts vibrating motor or wind driven sorting machine.

As the name says, wet and dry cable recycling system combines the advantages of dry cable recycling system and wet recycling system. The system applies to all types of cables like communication cable, miscellaneous cables and automotive cables. Large particles of copper are automatically processed through dry separating while copper wire is automatically through wet separating.

In these systems, cable granulator and separator are well known by professionals while some people may feel it is strange to add magnetic iron separation. As we all know that sometimes wire may be mixed with other purities, so magnetic iron separation will play an important role in this process. 

Amisy has double years’ experience in wire recycling. The copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine produced by Amisy are of high quality and high recycling rate. If you want to join this business, we can give you professional advice.