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Why Should We Recycle Scrap Copper?

Scrap Copper recycling business is growing daily in the world wide. As a new industry, there must be some reasons for its prosperity. We are all clear that copper is one of the most recyclable non-ferrous metals. What else? Actually, besides its own advantages, recycling scrap copper can help protect the environment and stimulate economic growth.

Water is an indispensable resource to the mining and reefing process. At first, water is used to break down the ore in the mining procedure. Then, during the smelting and refining process, water is frequently used for different operations, which will waste a large quantity of water and cause serious water pollution. The good news is that recycling scrap copper needs much less water than mining and refining, which will conserve our precious water resource and reduce water pollution. 

Large amounts of dusts and gases will be produced in the mining and purifying copper produces, which can be harmful to the environment and the operators’ health if they breathe the poisonous gases such as sulfur dioxide. However, recycling scrap copper produce little dust or gas. Some high-tech copper wire granulator even produces no dust or gas.

Usually, landfills will be the final destiny of the scrap copper, but you may have no idea that the cost of landfills is incredibly high and the earth can not support so many lands. Considering all the factors, dumping scrap copper in landfill is more expensive that recycling it.

On the economic front, the total costs of copper  recycling are much less compared with the cost of mining and refining copper. What’s more, the applying of recycled copper keeps the prices of different products utilizing copper lower, which will benefit the customers and promote economic growth in turn. Another obvious economic benefit is the personal financial gain by recycling scrap copper products. Although the amount of money is not that much, you are making money without any cost.

After reading the above advantages about scrap copper recycling, are you attracted by the promising industry? If so, now purchase an Amisy copper wire granulator and start your recycling business, for time is money and it is the early bird that gets the worm.