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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Various Metal Recycling Machines

Metal recycling is a big part of the whole recycling business. Many entrepreneurs build an entire enterprise around recycling metal scrap. For this business, you need a number of different metal recycling machines.

We are not in the ancient times and don’t have such tough spirit to complete everything by our hand. Before we put those metal scrap into different processing equipment, we first need baler machine, crane to make classification and input. 

What is the function of crane in the whole process? Not metal recycling machine as it is, crane are often used to lift large amounts of metal to put them into other machines or to rearrange large bundles of metal. Crane can use hook and pulley systems, but they can also use electromagnets to lift up large amounts of scrap metal for deposition elsewhere into a recycling machine or to stack the scrap elsewhere.

Of course, the main process is to turn the waste into value. The metals with recycling value cover many kinds, which we are familiar with are iron, copper, aluminum, steel, silver, etc and many forms, of which some exist as their origin face and other turn one part of other material. In view of these differences, we need different machines, including aluminum shredder, shears or granulator.

Aluminum ranges top one in the consumption of non-ferrous metals, so aluminum recycling is certainly an important part in metal recycling. Aluminum shredder takes aluminum and tears it into small shreds before it can be used for making fresh materials. These shredders are more often used by companies that tear the metal apart and then melt it down than by scrap yards.

Copper wire recycling is the grandson of metal recycling, which also have a bright future. We have many methods to recycle copper, but copper cable granulator, I think, is the most convenient and eco-friendly machine to complete this task. 

General copper cable granulators are equipped with these features. However, as an experienced manufacturer of copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine, Amisy improves the making craft, machine structure, etc. More importantly, it has high recycling rate.