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Battery Recycling Situation Home and Abroad

It is well known that metal is widely used in manufacturing, construction, electronics, etc. Because of this factor, metal recycling covers various forms of metal. Some are easy to recycle, some are not. Battery recycling belongs to the latter.


From the viewpoints of environmental preservation, recovery of major components or valuable resources, and provision of raw materials, the battery recycling is highly desirable in either the present time or the future. However, the real situation is not so ideal.

Some countries do better like Denmark, America, and Japan. Denmark is the first Europe country to recycle and reuse waste batteries. Its specific practice is: making a price according to the recycling cost and pay back to the battery recycling people according to a certain proportion. This policy leads to the higher price of cadmium and nickel battery, thus changing customer’s behavior. The recycling rate of cadmium and nickel battery has come to 95% in 1997.

Battery recycling in America and Japan are mainly operated by nonprofit non-government institutions which are assisted by battery producer. Besides, they have complete recycling system and matured recycling technology. All these make them also have good performance in this field.

By contrast, some countries don’t do so well. China is the biggest battery production and consumption country in the world, but only several big cities have adopted battery recycling measures. As for China’s battery recycling technology, battery recycling is not likely to be profitable at present. What’s more, recovery volume of battery scrap is also small, which is difficult to support the normal production of battery recycling factory.

The battery recycling situation home and abroad shows that we can solve those environmental crises, but we need really take action. In other metal recycling field like wire recycling, recycling system and recycling technology are more matured; we should have better recycling effect. Copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine is a good choice in this field.