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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Copper Wire Recycling

What is Copper Wire Recycling

Copper wire recycling is separating copper metal from its insulation and putting the copper into second use. Copper wire is gathered and taken from aged telephone wire, household electric wire, automotive wire, etc from communities and enterprises and is processed to render it usable once more.

Why Copper Wire Recycling is important for environment?

Copper wire recycling is important for environment as it removes this metal from our landfills or prevents used copper metal from ending up in dumps in the first place.

Electricity brings light to every corner of the world. Similarly, electrical wire covers worldwide. Unsightly scrap copper wire, of which copper is often a major component, can also be important. But with time past and metal breaks down, hazardous chemicals used in the manufacture of copper items can leach to groundwater.

Copper wire recycling saves large amounts of human effort and fuel energy that is spent on mining the ore from which this conductive metal comes from. For example, copper wire scrap is melt down and reformed into a new, appropriate product. This remelting takes only about 15% of the total energy consumed in mining, milling, smelting, and refining copper from ore.

Why choose Amisy Copper Cable Granulator for Copper Wire Recycling


For copper wire recycling, there are many methods like smelting or chemical method. Some of them has low recycling rate while others are easy to cause second pollution. Mechanical method is well known for its convenience and relatively high recycling rate. Copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are two common kinds used in this method.

Amisy copper cable granulator not only has the mentioned advantages, but also has its features. It has improved its separating design, which adopts vibration and air classification, greatly raising its recycling rate. Besides, it also pays attention to the manufacturing details, so it is a really ideal machine for copper wire recycling.