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The Classification of Copper Scrap

Copper is widely used in various fields,therefore copper scrap is also a big family. How to define them? Generally, the classification of copper scrap is according to the content of pure copper. The common categories mainly include over 20 kinds. 


Now come to know some of them. First, No.1 Copper Wire. It includes two grades. First grade is pure and naked copper wire without paint coat, alloy and broken filament, of which the diameter should not be less than 1.6 mm. Second grade is colorless pure copper wire and electrical cable without paint cover, tin and alloy, which not contain broken filament and burnt fragile copper wire.

Another common kind of copper scrap is NO.2 Copper Wire. It refers to copper wire scrap without alloy. The copper content can not be lower than 94% and it can’t contain the following kinds: copper wire with excessive amount lead and tin; welding copper wire, yellow copper and bronze copper; copper wire with much oil, scrap steel and iron and nonmetal; etc. 

Purple copper scrap is also a main kind. It has three sub-grades: special purple composition copper scrap, No.1 purple composition copper scrap and No.2 purple composition copper scrap. Special purple composition copper comes from copper processing factory, like leftover bits and pieces, defective raw material, etc. No.1 purple composition copper refers to clean processing waste without alloy and painted coat. The copper content must be higher than 96%. No.2 purple composition copper is mixed pure copper scrap without copper alloy and its copper content should not be lower than 94%


The last but not least kind is copper wire granule. It also has two grades: No.1 copper granule and No.2 copper granule. No.1 copper granule is made from copper scrap without painted coat and alloy while No.2 copper granule is made from copper scrap without alloy. The lowest copper content requirement is 99%. To get higher recycling rate, a good copper granulator is very important.

After we know these kinds, it is not difficult to find copper wire recycling is an important field. In copper wire recycling, you can’t miss copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine.