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The Whole Chain of Copper Recycling

Waste recycling is the process of remanufacturing used or waste products into new valuable materials. Here are some reasons why waste recycling is important. Firstly, waste recycling is a good way to preserve limited natural resources.Secondly,waste recycling is a good way to make extra profit and reduce unnecessary cost . Last but not least, waste recycling is a good way to reduce pollution to our earth.
Then we will mainly talk about copper recycling in details.
Starting a business is not a easy thing. If you want to join the copper wire recycling business, you had better know the whole chain of copper recycling. Every chain greatly influences the success of your business. So what should we know about copper recycling business?

Where Can We Get Copper ?
First, we should know where we can get copper. Copper are the most widely-recycled nonferrous metals. The major sources of nonferrous scrap are industrial or new scrap and obsolete scrap. They may generate copper scrap in the process of manufacturing tubing, copper cables, copper household products, etc. Copper can also be recycled from captured particle emissions from metal primary or secondary production facilities.Copper scrap can be divided into different kinds according to its production stages: disposable scrap copper during industrial production, new scrap copper generated during processing and obsolete copper scrap used.
A. Disposable Scrap Copper
Those scrap copper such as unqualified embryo and anode waste can't be processed further or sold, which usually are put the converter or electrolytic refining anode furnace again and generally does not enter the copper scrap market.

B. The New Scrap Copper New copper scrap refers to the new leftover material. Processing ways to new copper scrap depends on the chemical composition and the combination degree between it and other materials. The simplest approach is the internal recycling,remelting and casting.

C. The obsolete copper scrapobsolete copper scrap refers to the old, used or copper scrap from products,which has reached the useful life . obsolete copper scrap are the huge potential resources which can be recycled but difficult to deal with. For now, waste cables and wires are higher amount and higher recycling rate ones.

How to Turn Those Copper Scrap into Shinning Copper Granule ?
All scrap must be prepared and analyzed before processing to alter its shape and size and its purity. At one time, burning of cable to remove the plastic parts was acceptable practice, but this is no longer always possible or desirable. Thus, mechanical dismantling of the cables is common practice through cutting, granulating and use of various metal separation techniques to separate the plastics from the metal. In this process, we can use copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine, which has good effect in this field.

The precondition for directly using copper scrap is making strict classification of copper scrap and then adding the required elements, thus decreasing the percentage of impurities to get qualified copper alloy. At present, the percentage of directly using copper scrap in those developed countries like America, German and UK has occupied 40%-60% of total copper consumption.

Then come to the main topic: FRHC refining craftwork, that is, using pyrogenic process to get high conductive copper. This method uses copper scrap of which copper content is over 92% as raw material and utilizes these crafts such as smelting and continuous casting to get bright copper rod. The copper content of such copper rod is over 99.93% and the conductivity of it has reached 100.9% IACS.The essence and core of FRHC processing technology is to adjust the impurity composition and oxygen content, rather than to minimize the content of impurities. They make analysis and research of the main 15 impurities in copper scrap with the assistance of computer and find how to get the copper alloy by the impurities’ chemical interact with each other through long-term research which will not influence the conductivity of copper. By this way, the copper content gets improved greatly.Then the following content focuses on the pretreatment of copper scrap wire and cable technology, recycling part mainly introduces the pretreatment copper factory process.

The Pretreatment of The Copper Scrap Wire and Cable
The purpose of the pretreatment of the scrap wire and cable is to separate copper and insulating layer, the methods mainly are classified into four kinds: 1. Mechanical separation method which can be divided into two kinds.
A. Drum-type peeling machining method.
The method is suitable for processing the scrap wire and cable with the same diameter.
Scrap wire and cable first is sheared into less than 300 mm segments, and then conveyed into special drum cutter in which wire and cable is broken and peeled. Debris enter the screen hole through a belt to bin and then are chosen in clastic bed so as to get copper scrap, mixture and plastic fiber. Copper scrap can be directly as copper smelting raw material and also can be used for raw material to produce copper sulfate.
This process has the following features: a. Comprehensively recycling the cable and plastic of copper scrap wire, a high comprehensive utilization rate; b. The copper scrap contains no plastics and reduce the pollution to the atmosphere during the melting.c. Simple craft and easy to mechanize and automate;
The disadvantages of this equipment is high power consumption and quick blade wear speed.

B. cutting type peeling machining method. The method is suitable for processing thick cables and wires.

2. Low Temperature Freezing Method
The United States patent -No. 3990641 came up with low temperature freezing method to separate the copper and insulating layer of the waste wires. Low temperature freezing method is suitable for processing all kinds of wires and cables. Freezing makes insulation brittle first and shocking separates the insulation layer and the copper wire. 

3. Chemical Stripping Method
The method adopts a kind of organic solvent to dissolve insulating layer of the waste wire to separate the copper wire and insulation layer. The advantage of this method is to get high quality copper wire, but the disadvantage is that the solvent is difficult to deal with , and the price of solvent is higher. the development direction of the technology is to study a cheap practical effective solvent. 

4. Thermal decomposition
The United States patent-No.4040865 proposed to get copper wire through burning insulating layer by thermal decomposition method. Scrap wires and cables are sheared first, then conveyed into feeder to enter the pyrolysis chamber. The copper wire through pyrolysis is transported to discharging hole by grate conveyor and then loaded into products collector. The copper wire can be used as raw material in the production of refined copper. Gas produced by the pyrolysis is conveyed into the combustion chamber to burn the combustible material, and then discharged after entering the reactor using calcium oxide to absorb the chlorine gas. Calcium chloride can be used as a building material.

How to Find the Buyer of Them?
After we get shinning copper granule, how to find the buyer of them? Herein, we need know the usage of copper granule.
The people needing them are the people we need. Copper granule is of great value in use. At present, electronic industry has great need for copper granule while the cost of refining copper is too expensive and that of copper recycling is more inexpensive, therefore the supply of copper granule is not adequate to the need. All these predict the good market of copper granule. Copper granule is a new industrial material making use of scrap cable to produce and the scope of its use value is far more than the refined copper. It has been widely used in electronic industry.

At present, the copper foil of the electronic industry is to use electrowinning, the original technology is electrolytic copper as raw materials, but the production efficiency is low and the production cost is high. The use of copper meters instead of electrolytic copper can make that the copper foil production efficiency is greatly improved and the production cost is greatly reduced.

Shortages of the current domestic market with high quality copper granule is in short supply and the market prospect is very good. The copper granules of greater trading volume on the market mainly have light copper granule, miscellaneous line copper and car line. Hybrid copper granule is mainly mixed by light copper granule and oil line copper granule, whose copper content is between 88% and 90%.

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