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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Simple Introduction of Wire stripping Machine

Wire stripping machine is environmentally friendly waste recycling equipment which is used for stripping wires or cables by separating the plastic covering from the metal core. It is widely used for realizing auto-production and high efficiency of the copper recycling machine.

What’s more, it’s helpful and important when using and purchasing it if you have a good knowledge of its basic parts.Basic parts of wire stripping machine:

1. Entry capstan is used for transferring wires and stripping the front part of wires. It strips the front part and the end of the short wires which length is less than 50mm.
2. The exit capstan is used to transfer wires and strip the end part of wires. It’s necessary to lift the exit capstan button to “u” because the exit capstan does not work when stripping the short wires.
3. The gap adjustment knob of entry capstan is used to adjust gap between entry capstans. The gap increases when whirling it up, otherwise, the gap decreases. The adjustment depends on the diameter of wires.
4. Pressure adjustment knob of entry capstan is used to adjust the pressure of entry capstan. Rotate button clockwise, the pressure increases, or it will decrease. You need to increase pressure when it’s difficult to strip, otherwise, decrease pressure because it’s up to the difficulty of stripping wires.
5. Lift the entry capstan when the wires pass by whirling the button clockwise and put down it when wires have passed in anticlockwise.
6. The working principle of gap adjustment knob of exit capstan is the same with entry capstan.
7. The operating principle of pressure adjustment knob of exit capstan is contrary with entry capstan.
8. Lift exit capstan when taking out wires by whirling the button anticlockwise and put down it when working in clockwise.
9. Cutter assembly is used for cutting wires and strip two ends. To make wires pass cutter easily, upper and lower blade should be open to the largest extent under machine halt.

At last, Zhengzhou Amisy wire stripping machine with 12 years experience is worthy to choose because of its advanced technology, on-going innovation and considerate service. What'more, its copper cable granulator is also a good choice.