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Blade Types for Wire and Cable Stripping Machine

Many blade types are widely used in today’s wire processing machines especially in automatic stripping and cut machines. The role of blades will expand even further and new types will be developed because machine designers continue to use programmability rather than tooling changeover and mechanical advancements like indexing cutter heads and rotary cutting continue to progress.

The most widely used blades in wire strip and cut machines are V-blades, which cut the insulation on four sides. No blade changeover is required if use V-blades. Tooling changeover is minimized or eliminated because of programmability of the machines.

The drawback of using V-blades is that much of insulation is “ripped” because of the rectangular cut geometry around a circular inner conductor. Therefore, V-blades may not work and another blade type is required when dealing with hard-to-strip materials or very thin insulations. In addition, it can not center the wire during the cutting. Sometimes, this causes damage to the inner conductor because one blade goes too deep and the other one goes to shallow. Generally speaking, V-blades work well when dealing with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other soft insulation materials. 

What’s more, another type is radius blades. This type is also commonly used in wire cut-and-strip machines especially used to improve the quality of stripping and increase processing capability. This type of blade can make a circular cut with a diameter slightly larger than the wire inner conductor. However, there are two disadvantages of using radius blades. Firstly, it can be time-consuming and inefficient in a world where changeover time is critical if blade changeover is required for processing different wire sizes. Secondly, it can not center the wire during the cutting.

At last, if you are puzzled about the choice, Zhengzhou Amisy can give you a considerate advice according to your practical needs. Zhengzhou Amisy is famous for manufacturing waste recycling equipments like wire stripping machine and copper wire granulator. It’s worthy to be trusted because of the perfect products, passionate service and professional advices.