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Are You Familiar with Several Common Copper Scraps?

We are all clear that copper can be used in many fields from our everyday life to industrial production, and we also have to admit that copper is an indispensable metal for human beings. But with more and more copper scraps coming into being, copper recycling has become a serious challenge. Before we find out the solutions, let’s have a look at several common copper scraps. 

No.1 Copper Wire 
Level 1: This kind of copper wire is bare, uncoated, pure, non-alloy, without surface oxidation or wool yarn, and the copper wire diameter is more than1.6mm.
Level 2: The copper wire or copper cable is clean, no color and luster, without coating, no tin or alloy, and it does not include the wool yam or burnt and fragile copper wires. 

No.2 Copper Wire
It is a kind of scrap copper wire which does not contain alloy but with unclassified stores. The copper content is 96 %( minimum 94%). Copper wires containing too much lead or tin, brass wire, bronze wire, the burnt and fragile wire containing too much oil , scrap iron, steel and non-metallic materials, insulation copper wire and excessive fine wire, all do not belong to this type of copper wire. However, if the above materials are cleaned and processed in appropriate way, they can meet the requirements of No. 2 copper wire.

Waste Enameled Wire
Level 1: Pure enameled wire, no impurity.
Level 2: Remove the paint at a high temperature, with oxide layer on the surface and no impurities.

Special Purple Miscellaneous Copper 
It mainly includes the pure copper’s leftover bits and pieces, top crops, waste materials, semi-finished products, wires, and scraps produced by the copper processing plant and copper processing factory. It also includes scrapped bare pure copper wire, copper pipe and other pure copper products which do not contain scale, grease or coating. The scrap copper materials should not contain any impurity, copper alloy, turnings, debris or copper plate whose thickness is less than 1mm.

Well, from the above knowledge, it will be much easier for you to dispose the copper scraps. Here, we would like to recommend you Amisy copper wire granulator. The Amisy copper wire/cable granulation machine series are capable of granulating various copper scraps. It is a reliable granulation machine with advanced production technology and world-class service.