Copper Cable Granulator

Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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The Common Copper with Magic Power

Copper, a kind of natural mineral resource has been widely used in electrical appliance, electronics and communications, construction, transportation, industrial machinery and equipment, daily consumer goods and general products and so on.

Electrical appliance

Copper can be used in power cables either insulated or non-insulated for high, medium and low voltage applications because of its good conductive properties. In addition, copper is a valuable conductor for commercial and residential building wiring due to its strength, ductility and resistance to creeping and corrosion. What’s more, copper is an essential component of generators, motors and transformers. 

Electronics and communications

Nowadays, copper plays an important role in worldwide information and communicating technologies. For example, copper cables and telephone lines can be used for low and high speed data communication. Furthermore, copper and copper alloy products are used in wide and local area networks, mobile phones and personal computers. Copper is also used in other electronic equipments such as copper heat sinks, wires transformers, connectors and switches.

Industrial machinery and equipment

Heat exchange equipment, pressure vessels and vats are made of this metal because of its good heat transfer properties and strength. Copper alloys are used for the production of gears, bearings and turbine blades thanks to its durability and ability to high-precision casting. 

Consumer goods and general products

Coins of various currencies and denominations contain considerable amounts of copper, the euro coins for example. In addition, copper is used in cookware, brassware, locks and keys.


Copper alloys and copper are also used in ships, trains and airplanes Automobiles and trucks contain a substantial amount of copper (around 1.5%).

Since its wide use in the life, only recycle the waste copper wires or cables can satisfy the large quantity need of copper. Zhengzhou Amisy can provide you with the excellent and perfect copper recycling machine: copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine.