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How Can You Tell the Purity of Copper?

Copper is regarded as one of the man’s oldest metals, which has been widely used to make electric wires and plumbing materials. Besides,, it is a coveted metal for building and scrap material. Therefore, everyone likes copper, especially the pure copper, and the purity of the purest copper can be over 99.99%. But the question is how to tell the purity of copper. It is a very important issue, for it can determine the success or failure of the copper processing and copper recycling in some degree. Here, Amisy is glad to introduce a way to test the copper purity.

We will need a spectrometer and a small copper sample in the test. The spectrometer is a kind of instrument which can measure the amount of visible light and test the copper purity. During the test, the copper will remain in solid form and the spectrometer can not pollute the sample. The detailed test instructions are listed as follows: 

First, turn on the spectrometer and allow it to warm up. Calibrate the wavelength to suit the requirements of the copper. 

Second, adjust the machine by turning the knob on the front of the spectrometer to “0 percent T”. 

Third, wipe the outside of the tube to hold the solid copper with it. Then wipe the outside of the sample to remove the fingerprints.

Forth, bring the tube with the copper to the sample compartment and seal the tube with a lid. Then adjust the knob to a number of “100 percent T”.

The purity of the copper is determined by the absorbance value on the scale of the spectrometer. Then, you can watch the color of the copper sample. A light blue color will appear if the copper is in its purest form. And the color will change if other impurities are contained in the copper sample. If the copper is pure, a certain light frequency will form brands on the spectrometer, which is the characteristic of the copper.

Well, now you have known how to tell the copper purity by using a spectrometer. It is not that difficult and requires little time. Before testing the purity of your copper, you can recycle your copper by using our copper cable granulator and wire stripper machine, and you will find that the copper purity processed by our machine is much higher compared with other copper recycling machines