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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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The Fiercer Competition of Metal Recycling Equipments Manufac

With economic growth and modern technology, nearly all the mineral resources show a significant growth in demand over the last few decades. Not only industries countries, but also the emerging countries make full use of metals to enhance their economic position. 

However, as we all know that, metals are non-renewable resources. A shift of mining activities from natural resources towards metal scrap recycling has move into focus. Therefore, the competition of metal recycling equipments manufacturing will be fiercer. It is certain that it’s a buy’s market, there is a plenty of choice out here and haggling is the nature of the game. But when the hunt for cheaper priced machinery actually ends up losing you money, it calls for some serious thinking. 

As a top manufacturer of copper recycling equipment, Amisy has a full range of cable granulators and wire stripping machine. We know that there are cheaper models on the market. We know they seem incredibly appealing- they all do the same job in the end right? Wrong!

Anything has its worth; quality inevitably suffers where costs are cut. The copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine of Amisy is featured by stable function, flexibility and high efficiency. More importantly, the recycling rate of our copper cable granulator is 99.5%, higher than common granulators. Research shows that through using a granulator that only offers 95% clean separation you can lose up to thousands worth of copper per year(figure depends on throughput of machine), therefore a good cable granulator is worthy of your extra attention. Besides, wire stripping machine is also CE certificated. 

So among such many manufacturers, why do not choose us, a manufacturer providing high cost-effective machines for you?