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Stripping Requirements on Wire Diameters

The precision of a wire can be stripped is determined by a variety of factors, such as, gauge, insulation type, concentricity or what not. 

It’s a common misconception regarding common wire gauges have equal measurements. Wire conductor diameters are different because the thickness of insulation is different from each other. When select proper blades, wire stripper and stripping method of specific applications all of these factors are extremely important. The choosing of the stripping tool and stripping method to be employed for optimum results is determined by the type of wire and the type of stripping required, non-precision or precision.

There are two types of wire stripping: precision and non-precision. The type of precision wire stripping is employed where extreme reliability and critical tolerances must be achieved. This type is required in aircraft, computer, aerospace, missiles, radar, guidance systems and communication systems and so on. In many cases, the military standard is called for. Meeting that standard is rigidly enforced and calls for the highest quality precision wire stripping. On the other hand, non-precision wire stripping is used in the manufacturing of lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, automotive harnesses, etc. For each type of wire stripping and production requirement, you should choose the most suitable wire stripping machine and stripping method.

If you know there are various wire stripping machines for you to strip waste wires and cables, will you scrap them again? It’s time to make money by stripping them other than loosing money by scraping them. 

Zhengzhou Amisy is well known for manufacturing excellent waste recycling equipment, like wire stripping machine and copper wire granulator. There are some important features of it, for example, multi-purpose wire and cable stripper driven by single or three phase motor, two or four adjusting handles to adjust the distance between knives or rollers, heavy-duty gearbox and electric motor with start/stop button and safety shutoff and simple knife change. We are in line with the tenet “customers are paramount”. You will be satisfied with the new advanced products and considerate service we provide.