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Varieties of Wire Stripping Machine Blades

 Wire stripping machine blades play an important role in the process of stripping the wire from the insulation. There are various types of blades for different practical needs.

Die blades other than rotary blades offer the highest precision and stripping quality. They can center wire and butt together for repeatable and precise cutting because the cut geometry is circular. You should know two important dimensions when sizing die blades. The first is the drill size, which is the actual cutting portion of the blade. Its dimension should be slightly larger than the core diameter of the wire. The second dimension is the counter bore, which acts as the shoulder of the blades that centers the wire as the blades close. The outer diameter of the wire insulation should be equal to the counter bore dimension.

Die blades are commonly used for stripping thin insulation, for instance, PTFE and widely used in aerospace, military and medical industries, which require high stripping quality. However, the disadvantage of using die blades is that changeover is required for different wire sizes.

Another type is radius V-blade which is similar to V-blade except they incorporate a radius at the apex of the V. The cut geometry must be oval or "football"-shaped if use radius V-blade. It’s a need to change shape under the pressure of standard radius blades for multi-conductor cable even though multiple-size wires or cable could work by using one radius V-blade and minimizing blade changeover. However, blade changeovers are required for different wire sizes and it lacks the capability of centering wires.

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