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How to Recycle Copper Wire in Kansas

Depending on the market, you can get good prices when selling the copper scrap. However, you can get more profits if you know how to recycle copper wire. It’s easy to recycle various electric wires via waste recycling equipment including wire stripper and copper wire granulator.

As for copper wire recycling  in Kansas first of all, things you will need include wire stripper, work gloves and safety goggles. Put on safety goggles and work gloves to protect your hands and eyes from copper debris. Cut the wire in short strips of about 1 foot in length. This makes it easier to strip the insulation from the copper wire. Your wire strippers should have a wire cutter under the stripping teeth. 

Fit the wire into a stripping tooth of your wire strippers. These different teeth are sized for different wire gauges. Unless you know the wire gauge, simply place the wire into different teeth until it fits snugly. Grasp the end of the wire and pull the strippers along the wire away from the end you are holding. The insulation should strip off easily. Buy or rent a mechanical wire stripper if you have a lot of wire. Feed the wire into a slot, the machine will strip away the insulation quickly.

Copper usage is rapidly expanding as more and more products are containing electronic components. Take automobiles for example, a car would contain around 30 to 35 lbs. of copper 30 years ago; however, it has increased to over 50 lbs. on average and could contain as much as 80 lbs now. A modern Boeing 727 contains about 9,000 lbs. of copper. 

With the expanding of its usage, copper recycling is more and more profitable and valuable. Zhengzhou Amisy has been contributed to manufacturing the popular and hot selling wire stripper and copper wire granulator with 12 years experience, advanced technology and professional employees. Come to Zhengzhou Amisy, your requirements will be met and your purchasing will be enjoyable.