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Recycling in China

Renewable resources’ recycling is a model of economic development of the continuously circular use of material. Now it has been a main global trend. In China, it also sees a golden period. 

In order to solves the problem of recycling renewable resources and promote the society’s sustainable development, according to the nation’s requirement for energy-saving and emission reduction, our recycling industry of renewable resources got greatly development. According to statistics, in the period of the 10th Five-year, the total amount of recycling and reusing resources is more than 650 billion RMB and  the average recycling amount of every year is about 80million tons. The average annual growth rate is over 12%.

Now our renewable resources recycling enterprises is over 6,700, the registered recycling center is over 0.23 million and scrap processing factories is more than 5300. The practioners in this industry has reached 1.9million.

The reason why the recycling industry in our country gets so rapid development is because of the policy support. In order to encourage the development of recycling, our State Council not only gives preferential tax to those enterprises in the recycling industry but also lists the recycling industry as the important part of strategic emerging industries. It is a series of measures that promote the healthy, stable and fast development of recycling industry.

However, our renewable resources recycling industry is still in the initial stage, belonging to sunrise industry. Especially compared with the generation and need of renewable resources in our country and the development situation of recycling industry in developed countries, our recycling industry still has huge space to develop.

As a manufacturer of copper recycling machines, Amisy is devoted to make the best copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine to contribute to your recycling business.