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Earth Is Really a Global Village?

Sometimes, I really wonder if Earth is really a global village. According to the report of Daily Mail, thousands of tons of garbage have been conveyed to China, India, Indonesia, etc these countries and most of them are sleeping under the ground of landfill site. It is a really disappointing event.


What I want to say includes the following two points. Why we classify these litters? We hope we can reduce, reuse and recycle these “green” litters. But sometimes the action of our governors or even us is just for cheating ourselves. In some cities of China, the dustbins are respectively marked recoverable litter and unrecoverable litter, but nobody takes notice of it. The common people throw them away casually and the trucks convey them to landfill. 

3R princinples

How do we face to this situation? We must notice that even the garbage is out of our sight, it does not mean the garbage will not cause harm to our health. We live in a same place, same land and same Earth. Our government also should bring out perfect and reliable method and incentive policies to regulate the citizens’ behavior and encourage more enterprises to join recycling business.

Herein, I really appreciate the reflection of Environmental Agency. It requires the local committees improve recycling quality and examine how the contractors deal with the garbage. If we really have such responsible attitude towards environmental protection, it would not be difficult for us to enjoy a better future.

By mentioning recycling, I remember what I am doing. Metal recycling is one important member of recycling family. Copper cable granulator and wire stripping machines are two kinds of frequently-used machines in wire and cable recycling. If you are in this business, Amisy is willing to give you a hand.