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China International Recycling Conference& Exhibition

As an individual, it is difficult for us to know the whole situation of recycling market; therefore some international recycling conferences are necessary and beneficial. China, a promising country in recycling field, is paying more and more attention to these conferences. China International Recycling Conference and Exhibition is one of these well-known conferences.


CIRCE has been held seven sessions and become the best and the biggest platform in recycling field. As an international conference on scrap recycling and its trade, various trade exchange, market development and comprehensive reflection of Chinese and global markets are main characteristics of this conference.

Every session has its emphasis. This session in 2013 consists of three parts. The topic of main forum is mainly about policies, market and trade, such as resources recycling and environmental protection, European recycling policies and market, Chins scrap auto recycling policy and its change.

There are two sub-sessions. One sub-session discusses Middle Eastern metal scrap market, scrap auto recycling equipment, the present situation and prospect of China electronics recycling, etc. The other sub-session is about plastic scrap, including the up-to-date recycling technology, transition of enterprises, etc.


If you are interested in Chinese recycling market, it is good chance to show yourself and we, as experienced manufacturer of copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine, have been paying attention to the coming conference.

Besides, if you want to know the industry trend, you also can consult some professional equipment manufacturers like Amsiy Copper Wire Recycling Machinery. Rich content will benefit you.