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Economic Benefits of Metal Recycling Industry

We are thinking, so we are human. The dying out of dinosaur is because of its absolute authority. Therefore, if we want to exist on earth forever, we need to keep the harmonious relationship between nature and human. Saving energy and resources are an important part of environmental protection. Chinese government are also mandating energy-saving requirements for products or giving tax breaks for some green industry.

Because recycling saves much energy required to produce metal products, recycled content are is also being recognized and rewarded. So recycling is done for both environmental and economic reasons. Metal recycling is a vivid proof for environmental effect and huge economic benefit brought by recycling.

A simple example is aluminum recycling. Using recycled aluminum instead of raw materials reduces air pollution generation such as CO2, Sox, and NOx by 95% and water pollution by 97%. So if recycling becomes our common act, we still can believe that a bright future is waiting for us.

Of course, its huge economic benefit is more attracting for business man in this industry. Steel is the world’s most recycled material. Every ton of steel that is recycled saves about 1.13 tons of iron ore, 0.63 tons of coal and 0.05 ton of limestone. New steel made with recycled material uses as little as 26% of the amount of energy that would be required to make steel from raw materials extracted from nature.

Metal recycling not only contributes to the saving of energy, the recycled metal also has wide application in industrial production. Take copper recycling for example. Except for copper wire, the remaining copper market, including copper roofing, contains 75% scrap. Almost 50% of this is post consumer scrap.

Are these benefits enough to remove your worry for joining this industry? If you are well prepared, we also give you a hand. Amisy is a reputable manufacturer of copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine. Welcome to visit our website. Good or bad, you will have a judgment.