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Introduction to Several Grades of Recyclable Copper

Copper is one of the most valuable non-ferrous metals in the world. In recent years, with the soaring of copper price, more and more businessmen have taken part in the activity of copper recycling. Before starting the copper recycling business, there is a need for us to understand different grades of copper.

Pure Copper

Pure copper contains 90% copper and a small amount of impurities Recycling pure copper is pretty easy, for the recycling process is very simple. The recycling center only needs to melt the copper down to its original state, and it will be unnecessary to separate or filter the pure copper.

Copper Alloys

Copper alloys are combinations of copper and other metals, and the alloy products are commonly seen in our daily life, such as the cookware and pennies. Recycling the copper alloys needs to separate the copper from other metals, which may need some advanced technology.

Oxygen-Free Copper

Oxygen-free copper is just what it sounds like. In order to eliminate the presence of oxygen in the copper, it needs to go through several processes to form the high complex form oxygen-free copper. This form of copper is used in the areas where contact with oxygen would corrode other materials. It is impossible to recycle this form of copper, but it still can be used for some general purposes after separating from the addictives.

Pitch Copper 

Pitch copper is known for its 100% conductivity, which is formed after series of electrolytic processes. This form of copper is mainly used for manufacturing of electronic wires or other electrical components. It is also impossible to recycle the pitch copper in its original form. However, after being melted and analyzed, the copper can be sent to another location to make it electronically compatible again. 

After reading the above words, we hope that your copper recycling direction will be much clear. What’s more, after you have collected enough copper scraps, a copper wire granulator will be best choice for copper recycling.