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What Kind of Plastics Can be Recycled?

 Customers are always confused about what they can recycle and cannot recycle, and plastics are especially troublesome, for different plastics require different processing methods. Devoted to copper recycling and plastic recycling for 12 years, Amisy have gained sufficient experiences in various plastics, and we divide the plastics into 6 levels.

No.1: it is easiest to recycle because the plastic is usually made of polyethylene terephthalate. Soda, water bottles, medicine bottles, and many other common customer product containers all belong to No.1 plastic. Once they have been proposed, they can become the fiberfill of sleeping bags, life jackets and winter overcoats. They also can be use to make furniture, rope, cassette tapes, and car bumpers etc. 

No.2: this plastic is made of high-density polyethylene. Products are mainly the heavier containers such as milk bottles, oil bottles, and shampoo bottles. Usually, these bottles are used to make ropes, toys, and pipes after being recycled. 

No.3: Plastics made by polystyrene are widely accepted by recycling organizations, for the products like meat trays and copper cups can be use to make rigid foam insulation and cassette tapes. 

No.4: it is made of polyvinyl, and examples include baby bottle nipples, medical tubing, and other plastic pipes.  

No.5: it is a kind of low-density-polyethylene plastic. Products include grocery bag, sandwich bags and other similar bags.

No.6: it is quite difficult to recycle because the plastics are combination of the above plastics or uncommonly used plastic materials. On this occasion, customers can return the plastics to the product manufacturer, who should dispose these plastics for they produce these wastes.

Through the above analysis, it won’t be that difficult for you to tell what kind of plastics can be recycled. Speaking of plastic recycling, we have to mention our copper cable granulator. The machine can separate the coppers and plastics, making them into granules. With one machine, the aim of copper recycling and plastic recycling can be achieved together. The business opportunity passes in a twinkling, seize it right now!