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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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What Does It Mean When We Store Enough Rare Metal?

Rare metal gets its name because of it little amount in nature. However, what really makes us treasure them is not because of its amount, but its position in modern industry.

Rare metal can be divided into five kinds, which are rare light metal, rare refractory metal, rare distributed metal, rare earth metal and rare radioactive metal. Most of them are of special quality and are widely used in electrical industry, chemical industry, ceramic industry, atomic industry, rocketry, etc. 

Due to the particularity of rare metal, it has strict production engineering and storage requirement. For example, titanium, zirconium and vanadium are dispersedly distributed and exists with other metals, so people often need to use special method to gain them. What’ more, since many kinds of rare metal are of radiation and pollution, they are required to store indoor warehouse and to be far away from residential area, school and hospital.

It is because of its extraordinary function and its limited storage, rare metal are Strategic resources in certain extent. Many countries limit to mine and export rare metal. For example, America has purchased one third tantalum powder. Although China has rich resource, but for quite some time, we indulge mine and export, which cause great lose for ourselves. 

Similarly, we also should pay attention to the mine, use and recycle of other metals like copper. Copper, one of the most important metals is also widely in various fields. Copper recycling not only has good environment effect, but also has great economic benefits.

Amisy is a professional manufacturer of copper recycling machines include copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine. If you are in copper recycling business, you may need them!