Copper Cable Granulator

Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Profitable Electric Wire Recycling Industry

Electric wire is a conductive mental wrapped in the plastic insulation. The most common mental used in electric wire is copper. The conductor mental may also be aluminum, or sliver based on the wire being recycled. 

Aluminum conductor wire was popular in the 1970's when copper was at a premium. The plastic that wraps the wire is also valuable in large quantities. There are millions scrap wire thrown into landfills every year by contractors, and auto recyclers. This material can be tedious to separate and many companies that scrap this material don't have time to recycle it.

That’s the reason why you need to know more about the waste recycling equipment including wire stripping machine and copper wire granulator

The equipment required to recycle electrical wire on a small to large scale varies greatly. But it can be as simple as a utility knife to a large scale granulation and eddy current separator. Some of the most cost effective machines for striping wire consist of motorized rollers and a blade to slice thru the insulation.

Large scale wire recyclers shred the whole wire then granulate it into small particles that’s called copper granule. Copper and copper alloys such as Brass and bronze, have one of the highest cost per pound rates of non precious metals. Good copper and copper alloy sources include: copper pipe, plumbing fixtures, bronze bearings, copper wire, transformers, electric motors, and copper trim, buss bars, cooking pots, door knobs and circuit boards and so on.

The most attractive reason for you to join the electric recycling is that you can get much profit in this industry besides protect the environment. Copper usage is rapidly expanding as more and more products are containing electronic components.

Zhengzhou Amisy with 12 years experience is professional in manufacturing the top and advanced copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine. Amisy products are welcomed in the global market because of the satisfying products and considerate services.