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How to Process the Insulation off Copper Wires

Generally speaking, there are two ways of removing the insulation off wires. The first one is to use a copper wire granulator or a wire stripping machine, the second one is to burn the insulation off the copper wires. Although Amisy is a wire stripper machine and copper wire granulator manufacturer, we are still glad to share with you the way of burning the insulation off the wires.

To begin with, you are required to find a burn barrel, and take it to an open area, where will not cause a fire to the nearby place and the fumes can dissipate easily before they can be breathed in concentration.

Then, fill the barrel with firewood which could cover 1/3 of its bottom and light the firewood with a lighter or match. Keep adding wood to the barrel until the red-hot coats can fill 1/3 of the barrel. 

Next, bring your copper wires and coil them up tightly. Find a metal bucket and place the copper wires into it. Then you need to create an indentation with a shovel in the red-hot coats which is about half deep of the bucket, and place the bucket inside the indentation. At the same time , you still need to add firewood to the bucket around the bucket to stop the coals form cooling off. 

Last, you should keep waiting until the bucket become red-hot. When the plastic insulation becomes loose, you can use a steel hook to pull the copper wire out of the bucket. Then hold the wire above the bucket for a moment to let the remaining plastic drip off the copper wire. When time is up, you can remove the copper wire from the burn barrel. You are not allowed to touch the bare copper wire until it cool down. 

Through the above steps, you will remove the insulation from the copper wire completely. Whatever methods you choose,  I think mechanical separation is most Eco-friendly and efficient and really hope that you can do well in your copper recycling business.