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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Scrap Metal Recycling Processe

Scrap metal is nothing but waste if untreated, but it is disposed with proper ways, there is a possibility that it may become valuable again, which will help you turn a hefty profit, and copper recycling is one of the prime examples. 

Scrap Metal Collecting

The first place to get the scrap metal is the recycling center. Besides, you can also get the metal from the junkyards. No matter how you scrap metals are initially recycled, it will be their destiny to be send into the processing plant and begin the actual recycling process.

Scrap Metal Sorting

The scrap metal is often mixed with other non-metallic materials like plastics, rubber or wood. Therefore, a massive industrial shredding machine is used to sort out the non-metallic materials from the metal, which applies either magnetic processes or shifting process. Speaking of the sorting process, we have to mention our copper wire granulator, which is specialized in  recycling the scrap copper wires. The copper recycling machine can effetely separate the plastic from copper and get pure copper granules, which is the first choice if you are engaged in copper recycling. 

Blast Furnace, the Birth Place of New Products

After sorting out the scrap metal, the next processing place will be a blast furnace. The blast furnaces is heated at extremely high temperature, melting the metal into liquid state, which also helps to burn off any other impurities left over from the sorting process. Then, all you need to do is to pour the liquefied metal into different molds to produce different new products. 

To sum up, there are three steps to recycle scrap metal: scrap metal recycling, scrap metal sorting, and new products producing. By the way, Amisy is a scrap metal recycling company too, which is specialized in manufacturing copper recycling machines like copper wire granulator and wire stripper machine, and you are welcome to visit our website for more information.