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How to Maintain Our Existence

More than two hundreds of industrial development brings modern culture to us and greenhouse gases represented by carbon dioxide. They make Earth hot and climate change, this is an acknowledged fact. But we don’t know something that these greenhouse gases directly influence our health.

According to a research, human’s health may face to the following crisis: 1. the allergic phenomenon will become worse; 2. the people who get sick with renal calculus will increase; 3. what’s more, due to rising water temperature, it will be easier to cause the outbreak of infectious diseases; 4. the rising water temperature also causes the excessive reproduction of algae, thus influencing the water quality of both the municipal water supply system and rivers, which may cause a variety of diseases.

So how to maintain human’s existence?Start you low carbon life. For a country, government should vigorously promote energy conservation, such as developing hydropower, nuclear power, wind energy, solar energy, etc. For us, we also have the responsibility and ability to reduce the production of carbon dioxide. For example, you can reuse the water which has just been used to wash rice, vegetable, etc. You also can put waste newspaper under the clothes, moisture proof and removing odor. You also can start your copper recycling business like me.

Of course, low carbon life involves various aspects. Following these rules benefits you and the environment, so it is no reason to refuse this living style. Hope my article causes your interest to know more about how to live a carbon life.

At the same time, if you are right in copper recycling, I will recommend copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine for you, eco-friendly and energy-efficient.