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The Application of Magnetic Force in Separation

Magnetic Separation is widely used in today’s recycling industry and the magnetic technology has been updated for several generations. So how was magnetic force been found and comes to our life?

Separation by means of magnetic field has not been known by people until the late 18th century although magnets were known since 6th century BC. The magical flow of the force acted on the material by iron seemed supernatural in many ways. Perhaps, it is this reason that leads to its absence in everyday life for so long time.

Since the industrial revolution and mass production of steel, magnetic control became a crucial piece of modern technology. Now not only magnetic ore refinement industry solely relied on but also electronics and communications are in high demand of magnetic technology. But it was only 1792 when a patent was filed by William Fullarton that sees a great jump of magnetic application in our life on large scale.

In 1852, magnetite was separated from apatite by a NY company on a conveyor belt separator, which was followed by a new line of separators that were introduced for separation of iron from brass fillings, turnings, metallic iron from furnace products, etc. A very broad but proper and clear classification of magnetic separations can be done as follows:

a. Low intensity dry magnetic separations
b. Low intensity wet magnetic separations 
c. High intensity dry magnetic separations
d. High intensity wet magnetic separations

In today’s metal recycling, because of the numerous kinds and large quantity, it will be a waste of time to separate them by people. So in large recycling centers, you can easily find there is a magnetic separator there.  

Of course, separation is only first step in metal recycling. If you are in wire recycling business, copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are also necessary equipments. Amisy is one of the reputable manufacturers, you can believe it!