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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Low Carbon Life

No matter in your life or work, if you consciously reduce the energy consumption as much as possible to realize he reduction of carbon in our atmosphere, you are living a fashion life, that is, low carbon life. For our commons, low carbon life is an attitude, not ability. 

A new concept as low carbon life is, it is coherent with the pursuit of sustainable development, which reflects our worry for future because of the climate change. Global warming and other climate problems force human has to consider the present ecological environment. Now that the excessive emission of carbon in the production and consumption is a main factor of climate change, it is necessary to optimize and restrict some consumption and production activities. Meanwhile, it follows human’s will for the future and the hope for better environment, this concept is gradually accepted by most countries.

Low carbon life tells us not only what we should do, but also how to do these things. At present, the main measures to slow climate change are emission reduction and sink enhancement. More and more people start taking action, less to drive car, to use air conditioner and to plant more trees. 

What should we do in production and our business?  To recover and recycle the resources as much as possible. Take copper recycling for example. Copper is one of the most recycled metal with the high recycling value. The scrap I melted down and reformed into a new , appropriate product. This remelting takes only about 15% of the total energy consumed in mining, milling, smelting and refining copper products from ore.

Of course, we also should notice the environmental protection in recycling, avoiding the second pollution. As we mentioned above, we used to utilize melting method to recycle copper, but now we have a more eco-friendly method to reach same effect. That is to use copper cable granulator or wire stripping machine.

Amisy, as an experienced manufacturer of copper recycling machines, knows what you need, therefore it will provide the most suitable machines for you!