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What Is CNIA

No matter which industry you are in, you will find an authorized organization, providing information, offer service and formulating rules. China, as a big and fast-developing country, it is necessary to know about its associations. For those in metal recycling, CNIA is an association you should know.

What is CNIA? Its full name is China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Association. It belongs to nationwide, non-profit and industry groups which is made up of non-ferrous enterprise, institution and social groups which plays an important role in connecting government and enterprise and developing international cooperation and communication, greatly promoting the sustainable and stable development of non-ferrous industry.

As a non-profit and academic mass organization, it is devoted to promote the technological advance of non-ferrous industry. In order to realize this object, it mainly carries out the following activities:

1) To organize various academic activities, which are combined closely with the construction of non-ferrous industry and the development of the concerned subjects.

2) To develop international academic communication and strengthen the contact and cooperation with worldwide academic groups and scientific and technological workers.

3) To publish academic journals, science and technology periodicals, latest news and resources, and books on popular science. The main publications include: The Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals(both Chinese and English edition), Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, Chinese Journal of Rare Metal Non-Ferrous Metallurgical Equipment,etc.

Of course, this is just a simple introduction of CNIA. If you want to know more about this association and get information from its website, you can explore it on the internet according to the information provided here. Amisy, innovative manufacturer of copper recycling machines will share with you more information on copper recycling and its equipment.