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Warning Brought by Pollution of Heavy Metal

According to Chinese media report, soil pollution has been another difficult problem, following air pollution and water pollution. The data of Department of Land and Resources shows that about 10% agricultural acreages are polluted by heavy metal. So what is pollution of heavy metal and its harm?

Pollution of heavy metal refers to the environment pollution caused by heavy metal and its chemical compound. The extent of its damage depends on its concentration and chemical form in environment, food and organism. Its pollution is often showed in water pollution and one part of that also exists in air and solid waste.


The features of pollution of heavy metal make this pollution more dangerous. The harm of many organic compounds can be reduced or removed through the physical,       chemical and biologic purification in nature while heavy metal is very difficult to degrade because of its enrichment. For example, heavy metal flowed by waste water, even if the concentration is small, still can precipitate in algae and river sediment, which is likely to be absorbed by fish and shellfish. In turn, this will produce food chain incrassation.

Although copper don’t have such great harm as other heavy metals like cadmium, lead, etc, it also can do harm to our health. So we also should pay attention to protection measures when we touch copper or use copper utensils. More importantly, copper recycling not only can reduce the waste of copper resources, but also can lighten its bad effect for environment.


Copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are both ECO-friendly copper recycling machines. Take Amisy copper cable granulator for example. Its de-dusting design can efficiently remove the bad effect on the workers. At the same time, its high recycling rate can improve the utilization level of copper scrap.

So recycling is not only good for environment, but also good for our living surroundings and our health. If you are now in copper recycling, you can consider Amisy copper cable granulator.