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Do Not Burn Copper Wire, Granulate It

If you want to make full use of the waste copper wires or cables, you’d better granulate it by a copper wire granulator but do not burn it.

It’s harmful to burn the insulation off copper wire by an open fire. It will cause low-temperature burning, a process that does not reach the same temperature as those in an approved incinerator by using an open fire. If the high temperature reached in an approved incinerator, it will not only remove the insulation but also destroy contaminates found in the insulation. Low-temperature burning releases contaminants including dioxins, furans, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, particulate matter, heavy metals like lead, arsenic, selenium and cadmium and other pollutants into the air, water and soil. The result will be serious for the wind and water can spread these pollutants into other places from the burning site. Elevated concentrations are harmful to human health and the environment. The bad results of these pollutants on people can be chronic or acute and they may cause lung irritation, cardiac problems or even an increased risk of cancer.

Both the Ministry of Environment and the recycling industry agree with the objective of safe workplaces and economically practical business practices that protect public safety and enhance environmental stewardship. Recycling industries in Saskatchewan have already taken action to curtail the acceptance of copper wire processed by low-temperature burning. This would be helpful for reducing the practice of low-temperature burning of copper wire for recycling. 

As for copper wire recycling, Zhengzhou Amisy is specialized in manufacturing the waste recycling equipment, for instance, copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine. It’s not a good way to recycle the waste copper wires or cables by burning it. On the contrary, copper wire granulator can do you a big favor to realize the recycling without pollution.