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Main Factors Affecting Copper Price

Copper plays an important role in our industrial production and copper wire has a great impact on the telecom industry. But the copper price, more or less, restricts the development of the above two industries. In order to promote the development of our industry, there is a need for us to understand the factors affecting copper price.

International Economic Situation
Copper consumption is mainly concentrated in the developed industrial countries. The economic situation of these countries such as USA, Japan, Western Europe and other countries has a greater impact on copper prices. In general, if the economy situation is good, the demand for copper will increase, then the copper price will rise, and vice versa.

Producing Countries’ Production Status
Chile has the most abundant copper resource and it is also the world's largest copper exporter. Zambia and Zaire in central Africa are important copper producers, and the copper they produced are almost entirely used for export. So, these countries production status has a large impact on the world’s copper market. However, the political situation in these three countries is turbulent and the labor disputes happen quite often, which increase the instability of the international copper price.

Seasonal Factor
he seasonal fluctuation of copper price is quite obvious. Usually, copper price in January is the lowest, and it will reach its peak in August. 

Substitutes’ price
In telecommunication industry, copper is an important raw material, but the promotion and application of fiber-optic technology has challenged the status of copper.

As we can see, copper price is determined by the combination of several factors. As copper-related enterprise, we can not affect copper price. But we can change our way of thinking: such as recycling scrap copper. It will not only get rid of the changeable copper prices, but also can protect the environment. If you have such a thought, Amisy copper wire granulator can do you a favor on your road to success. We have been specialized in producing copper wiregranulators  and wire stripping machine to recycle scrap copper for 12 years, you will never regret choosing us.