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Why not Accept These ECO-friendly Measures

It is no need to talk so much about environment crisis because we fee it by ourselves. When I look at those unknown things in water, I always worry about water quality. Now there are about 1.1 billion of people who are undertaking same worry or even water shortage. At the same time, air pollution and other pollution are threatening our life. Of course, there are some measures to save our environment, but the key is whether we really do it.


The citizens of one place will feel proud if this place has high forest coverage rate. So for this purpose, we need to save wood consumption. Tetra Pak, a new and recyclable package, does a lot for this purpose. It consists of 75% high quality pulp, 5% aluminum and 20% plastic. The recycled Tetra Pak can be made into wood floor, chair, dustbin, makeshift house, etc. Like the chair of Shanghai Expo, they are all made of this recycled material. But this recyclable material does not get enough attention. In Beijing, only one fifth of Tetra Pak is recycled. 

The same question also exits in  wire recycling. Every year a large amount of electrical wires and cables are generated, but the wire recycling market is also small. Many people even don’t know which machine has good effect in recycling copper wires. Herein I think two kinds of machine are very suitable and worth of recommending. They are copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine, low cost, simple operation and ECO-friendly. 


Since we have measures to save our energy and resources, why don’t we really take action? No matter in which recycling field, we can get both environmental and economical benefit if we make decision to do it. 

If you want to join wire recycling business, maybe I or my company can give you some suggestion. As the mentioned, copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine is really useful, but we also need choose a quality machine of reliable function. In this aspect, Amisy, an experienced manufacturer does better!