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The Way of Distinguishing Different Scrap Metals

Devoted to manufacture copper recycling machine for 12 years, Amisy has accumulated enough experience of mental recycling. For some beginners, it is true that they may be confused about different scrap metals. Actually, if you grasp the right way, it is quite easy to distinguish them.

To begin with, you can use a magnet to classify the metals. Steel, tin and iron will stick to a magnet, while the magnet can not pick up aluminum, copper, brass, or silver.

The next step is to identify the scrap metals one by one.

The first one is steel. There are many kinds of steel, such as the short steel, the long steel, the stainless steel and the galvanized steel. The short one is less than 3 feet, which is either a small item or has been cut up. The long one is regarded as structural steel if it is thick enough, such as the bridge beam. The color of the above two steel is dark and brownish. However, the stainless steel is silver, bright and shiny, and it has been widely used in the products of doorknobs, shelves, counters, and cabinets. Galvanized steel does not rust and has a dull color, which can be used to make guardrails. 

The second one is copper. Copper is a valuable metal and can be recycled completely, which are the main reasons why copper recycling business is so popular nowadays. Copper has a bright, reddish and shiny color, which can turn green if exposed to the elements. Brass is a kind of copper alloy and has more of a yellow color, and it is a little heavier than copper.

The last metals are iron, aluminum and tin. Cast iron is a blackish metal which can stick to a magnet, which is used to make cooking pots and pans. Aluminum is shinny, silver and soft, which has been used as electric wire and replaced by copper wire gradually. Tin is thin, silver, slightly shiny and flexible, which looks like aluminum but slightly duller. 

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