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The Differences Between Red Brass and Yellow Brass

Red brass and yellow brass are two copper alloys with close relationship, for both of them contain high levels of copper and may other similar metal elements. Because of this, many people can not tell the differences between them. Devoted to copper recycling for 12 years, Amisy summarized several factors that can distinguish the red brass from the yellow brass as your references. 

Different composition proportions are the first difference. Yellow brass is composed of about 60% or 70% copper; 30%-40% zinc, and trace amounts of tin and zinc. While yellow brass contains approximately 85% copper and 15% zinc, with very little tin and lead. And such high volume of copper makes the copper alloy look red. 

The second difference is the uses. Yellow brass is one of the most commonly used brasses, which has been widely used as household plumbing. Besides, in the automobile industry, connectors, antennas, radiators and many other items are all made of yellow brass, and even most of our keys are also made of it. Compared to yellow brass, red brass is much less common. It can be found in sprinkler heads, shut-off values, and some other flexible water pipelines. It can also be used as other random objects, instrument and jewelries.

The last different is the recycling. In copper recycling business, both yellow copper and red copper are highly in demand. Brass scraps play an important role in brass and bronze industries and the scraps are widely used in kitchen and house remodeling. The yellow brass scraps that can be recycled include brass sheets and tubing, rods, castings, rods and plated materials, which should be free of aluminum bronze and manganese bronze. The red brass scraps must have a high percentage of copper, such as the machine bearings and valves. 

Now can you tell the differences between the red copper and yellow copper? Besides, if you are engaged in copper recycling business or plan to recycle copper, Amisy copper wire granulator and wire stripper machine will be one of your best choice, for they are both high efficient and energy saving.