Copper Cable Granulator

Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

Amisy Machinery adheres to the principle of "customer comes first " and continuously improve ourselves based on feedback from worldwide customers to ensure our machines and service can meet every client.

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The New Leader in the Environmental Protection Industry

Environmental protection is an irresistible trend in the economic development. A wise man always looks further than common people and is good at grasping any opportunity. If you are the person of this kind, Amisy would like to be your eternal partner.

Amisy have devoted itself to environmental protection for 12 years and adheres to offering quality machines for its customers and ensuring its customers get maximum profit in every possible way. Amisy has its own professional team in product design, supplying and installation, which satisfies you in timely delivery and good service. At present, it mainly has two kinds of copper recycling machines: wire stripping machine and copper wire granulator.

Its copper cable granulator has wide applicable range including auto electric wire, motorcycle electric wire, and computer wires etc. More importantly, it adopts the most advanced technology such as PLC control system, double crushing process and dry-type design, which make your equipment always in a best condition. Besides, it has a considerate design---the blade of the machine can be removed to be sharpened.

Wire stripping machine is also an indispensable machine in copper recycling. The range of wire the machine is suitable to process, single core or double core, is from 1mm to 90mm, but one point you should notice is that the wires should be straight without knots. What I really want to tell you is that all its models are CE certificated. You may safely rely on our equipment.

No matter what I say for our products, I believe you still have your puzzles, therefore please contact our professional staff to help you!