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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Copper in Modern Industries

What is copper? Everybody knows it, but not everybody knows it clearly. Pure copper is a kind of magenta metal, which has quite high ductility. There is a vivid example. Copper of a drop of water can be stretched into thread of two kilometers. More importantly, pure copper has very good electrical conductivity. Because of these properties, copper is widely used in various industry fields.

Copper and copper alloy have played an important role in mechanical manufacturing industry. Parts of many machines can’t use iron but copper as their raw materials. Those examples see the fact. A locomotive needs 200 kg copper, a tractor needs 31 kg copper, one million rounds of ammunition needs 14 ton copper.

Copper is the major character in electrical industry. Every year about half of the copper production is used in this field. Therefore, it is certain that a large amount of copper wire scrap will be generated every year. So how to deal with them? Throw them away, selling them to scrap yard or some ambitious individuals like to start his own business with copper wire scrap? The first behavior is to blame, the second behavior is common, but the last one makes fortune.

We are in the recycling business for more than 12 years, so there are some advices for you. To know the recycling environment in your country and make detailed research. After you really make a decision, choose a good machine is very important. Copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine are two kinds of machine which are specially designed for copper and other metal wires. 

Good copper cable granulator can reach high recycling rate and high purity. For example, the purity of copper granule got by Amisy cable granulator reaches over 99.95%. Besides, its wire stripping machine is also of good quality, CE certificated.

As for separating other metals from copper, welcome to our column of News to see the concerned information. Copper recycling, we do better!