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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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Types of Copper Wire and Cable

Single-strand copper wire also called solid wire or solid-core wire because it consists of one piece of copper metal wire surrounded by an insulator. Single-strand copper conductors are typically used in motors and transformers as magnet wire. They are typically installed in permanent, infrequently handled and low flex applications for they are relatively rigid and do not bend easily.

A stranded copper wire refers to a group of copper wires that are braided or twisted together. It is more flexible and easier to install than a single strand copper wire of the same cross section. It also improves wire longevity for applications with moderate to high voltage.

A copper cable consists of two or more copper wires running side by side and bonded, twisted or braided together to form a single assembly. Cables can be made of one or two different types of wire, for example, all-copper cables are used in a wide range of applications including telecommunications and power distribution. Combination conductor cables, such as copper and steel are used when increased strength with high conductivity is required over long distances. Some cables are designed to be multi-functional and usually made from copper, such as those installed in residences to carry power, telephone, video, and communications signals.

What’s more, it can be divided into shielding cables, twisted pair cables and coaxial cables. Shielding cables are encased in foil or wire mesh and the wires inside the shielding are mostly decoupled from external electric fields. Twisted pair cable is a type of wiring in which two conductors (the forward and return conductors of a single circuit) are twisted together to cancel out electromagnetic interference from external sources and reduce signal loss. Coaxial cables consist of two or more wires that are wrapped concentrically and separated by a dielectric insulation material.

In a word, different copper wire granulators and wire stripping machine are needed because of various type s of copper wire and cable. You will be impressed by the superb quality, reasonable price, various models and professional services of Zhengzhou Amisy products.