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Side Effects of Copper to Human Health

As we have mentioned before, copper is playing an important role in human health, which helps the body produce collagen, hemoglobin, and melanin. However, each coin has two sides, and copper also has some side effects. For the sake of our health, Amisy, the manufacturer of copper cable granulator and wire striper machine, will tell some side effects of the copper.

On one hand, copper may have the side effects on medication. We can absorb certain amount of copper through foods such as eggs, meats and grains, but copper can react in a negative way and produce side effects when taken as a supplement, leading to a total failure of the medication. For example, women on birth control medication and estrogen replacement therapies can get large amount of copper from the meditations, if they eat the foods that contain too much copper, it may cause the copper level to rise to a dangerous degree, which will totally ruin the effect of the medication and even damage the human’s health.

On the other hand, as copper exists throughout the human body, and you need to keep a balance to stay healthy. Both too little and two much copper will cause health problems:

Large amount of copper within the body will cause the copper toxicity. The phenomenon such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and headaches are all signs of copper toxicity. Beside, excess copper intake can result in a series of heath problems, such as heart issues, coma, even death.

Also, copper deficiency may also causes health problems, which will affect the normal function of the nervous, glandular, and respiratory system. Here we have to mention the magical characteristics of the copper: being an antioxidant, copper can reduce the amount of damaging particles, while being as pro-oxidant, copper can be a damaging particle to damage the genetic tissue within the human body.

Well, my dear friends, we not only care about your health, but also can provide assistance to your business. If you are interested in copper recycling, you are recommended to try Amisy copper wire granulator and wire stripper machine.