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Alluring Prospect of Copper Recycling

It is no exaggeration that the regeneration performance of copper is the best among all the metals. And scrap copper is one important raw material of the copper industry. Scrap copper has accounted for nearly half percent of the total copper consumption in the world now. 

Scrap copper can be divided into two types according to its resource: new copper scrap and old copper scrap. New copper scrap is the scrap material produced during the production process. Old copper scrap is from discarded waste copper products after being used. 

Actually, all the copper scrap can be recycled, and the regeneration process is very simple. At first, sort the collected copper scrap. Non-contaminated copper scrap and copper alloy with the same composition can be used directly after being melted. The serious polluted copper needs further processing until impurities are removed. Then, for the mixed copper alloy scrap, composition adjustment needs to be done after being melted. After a series of processing, the copper’s physical and chemical prosperities can not be changed, which enables you to get the completely updated copper. 

Copper recycling greatly increased copper scrap’s value. For example, the cleaned first level copper scrap’s price accounts for over 90% of the new refined copper. Brass scrap’s price can also reach more than 80% of the brass. Copper products factories have largely reduced cost as the high value of recycled copper scrap.

In the world market, some countries largely depend on the recycled copper granules meeting its domestic demands. We all know that America ranks the first in the copper consumption. A statistics shows that copper scrap accounts for 44%-55% of the total copper consumption during 1976-1996. That was 20 years ago, not to mention the use rate in the highly developed 21 century.

However, many factors restrict copper recycling. Such as copper scrap collection efficiency, products design, social value, the government's attention degree and technology. Among which, technology is the most important factor. Luckily, Amisy copper wire granulator has applied the most advanced granulation technology in the granulation industry. Therefore, technology makes our granulation machine best for you.