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The Current Situation of Copper Recycling Technology in China

Copper wire recycling plays an important role in making up for the shortage of refined copper. How to make full use of copper wire scrap depends on the quality of itself. For those high grade copper scraps, people often reuse them directly while for those low quality copper scrap, practitioners in copper recycling mainly adopts pyrometallurgy to get refined copper. 

The precondition for directly using copper scrap is making strict classification of copper scrap and then adding the required elements, thus decreasing the percentage of impurities to get qualified copper alloy. At present, the percentage of directly using copper scrap in those developed countries like America, German and UK has occupied 40%-60% of total copper consumption. Oppositely, the directly-using rate of copper scrap in China is very low, which is only about 20t every year.

Then come to the main topic: FRHC refining craftwork, that is, using pyrogenic process to get high conductive copper. This method uses copper scrap of which copper content is over 92% as raw material and utilizes these crafts such as smelting and continuous casting to get bright copper rod. The copper content of such copper rod is over 99.93% and the conductivity of it has reached 100.9% IACS.

The essence and core of FRHC processing technology is to adjust the impurity composition and oxygen content, rather than to minimize the content of impurities. They make analysis and research of the main 15 impurities in copper scrap with the assistance of computer and find how to get the copper alloy by the impurities’ chemical interact with each other through long-term research which will not influence the conductivity of copper. By this way, the copper content gets improved greatly.

This method has been accepted by many enterprises, but not so well known in China. At the same time, for those people without enough capital or without the need to get such high conductive copper, other methods are more economic such s mechanical separation. Copper cable granulator and wire stripping are two common machines in this method, the effect of which is also excellent.

As a whole, copper scrap recycling technology in China falls behind a lot and needs great effort to ran after those developed country