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Scrap Copper Market in China

It is generally known that the scrap copper market is a global business and China is the largest importer of scrap copper. With the popularity of copper recycling and the great demand for scrap copper, what will Chinese government do to face the coming copper shortage?

Well, with the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, Chinese government and companies will increase its import of scrap copper from overseas markets in the next five years. It is said that the shipment of scrap copper into China reached 420,000 tons in June, 2011, which was considered to be the highest level of the year.

Although China has imported a large amount of scrap copper from overseas market, it still can not meet the increasing copper demand. So, Chinese government initiatives to encourage the copper recycling business, hoping it will add extra impetus to the growing demand, as well as reduce serious metal pollution problem. The specific actions include restricting the investment in copper melting projects and encouraging the copper recycling and the reusing of other metal scraps. In early 2011, Chinese ministry and information technology announced that China would double the production of recycled metals including copper, lead, and aluminum to reach the forecasted goal of 12 million tons by 2015. According to the plan, the output of scrap copper will account for about 40% of the total copper production.

At the same time, environment protection has been enjoyed great popularity, so the government has to balance environment protection and the development of economy. Importing copper is an important solution, and copper recycling will be another practical way. Thank to the policy support from the government, more and more enterprises have taken part in the scrap copper recycling business. 

Among the numerous recycling companies, Amisy is famous for its copper cable granulator and wire stripper machine. Although we have already gained great achievement in last 12 years, there is still a long to go.