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Copper Alloys and Its Applications

In our everyday life, you might have seen one of your friends wearing a copper necklace, a copper finger ring or copper earring. You may also know that many of the wires or cables are made of copper. Besides those common things, what else do you know about copper?

Well, actually, the most popular usage of copper is making wires. Most of the wires in our life are made of copper, it is because its electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity are second to silver, but it is much cheaper than silver. And copper can be made into several alloys. The main alloys are listed below:

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The mechanical properties and wear resistance of brass are very good, so brass is widely used in manufacturing precision instruments, ship parts, guns and shells. If you knock at the brass, you can hear beautiful sound, so gongs, cymbals, bells, and other instruments are all made of brass.

Navigation Brass
Alloy of copper, zinc and tin. The navigation brass is anti-sea erosion, which is a good material of making ship's spare parts and balancer.

Alloy of copper and tin. Bronze generally has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, castability, and excellent mechanical properties. It can manufacture precision bearings, high-pressure bearing, the ship’s water resistant machine parts as well as a variety of sheet, pipe, bar etc.

Phosphor bronze
It is the alloy of copper, tin and phosphorus, and can be used to make spring.

Cupronickel is the alloy of copper and nickel, silver-shiny and anti-rust, so it is usually used to make coins, electrical appliances, instruments and decorations

Gold 18 carats pure
It is composed of 6/24 copper and 18 gold, reddish yellow and hard, which is used to make jewelry and ornaments.

From the above introduction, we can have the idea that copper and copper alloy indeed play an important role in human life and production. So, with more and more copper putting into production, the scrap copper is unavoidable. Amisy, a reliable manufacturer of  copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine, specializes in recycling scrap copper. Let us do the recycling copper business together.