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Are You Suffering from Copper Deficiency?

Copper is an indispensable element for human health. You may have not discovered that many of our diets are low in copper, so there is a great possibility of developing a copper deficiency. Are you suffering form it? How does it will affect your health? The copper recycling machine manufacturer, Amisy, not only concerns about your business, but also cares about your health. 

The most obvious sighs of copper deficiency are osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Do you have the above problems? Although many other conditions also cause bone loss, the copper deficiency can make the problem worse.

Do you loss excessive hair when brushing or combing your hair? Other reasons such as heredity, unhealthy lifestyle, seasons and temperature change etc, can result in hair loss, but you are surely suffering from copper deficiency if you find a large amount of hair on your brush for more than one month. 

Are you breastfeeding your baby? You had better pay special attention to the growing rate of your infant if you are not nursing. It is because the milk alone can not provide enough copper for your baby’s normal growth. Therefore, you are strongly suggested to attend prenatal exams and test your blood regularly to ensure your body contains sufficient copper for your baby’s health development. 

Besides, if you are a vegetarian and you do not consume a balanced amount of whole grains, peas or nuts, you are likely to have the risk of copper deficiency. And actually, red meat and seafood are good resources of copper.  

Other signs like chronic fatigue, diarrhea, weakness and depression all can be connected with copper deficiency. Therefore, Amisy, the manufacturer of wire stripper machine and copper wire granulator advises you to have a blood test to pinpoint whether you are suffering from copper deficiency and supplement necessary copper if you do have such a problem. All in all, wish you good heath.