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How to Identify Scrap Metal

Nowadays, recycling scrap metal is becoming more and more popular, as it is indeed a profitable business. However, for some scrap metal recycling beginners, it will be difficult for them to sort scrap metal. As a company manufacturing copper recycling machines, Amisy is glad to offer you some steps to sort different metals.

1. Find 6 large boxes and label them as copper, brass, aluminum, iron, stainless steel and car batteries, which is the simplest classification of scrap metal.

2. Put the soda cans, lawn furniture, and beverage cans into the “aluminum” box. However, you should pay attention to the handrails, gutters, and storm doors, which may look like aluminum, but they are actually magnesium, and it will snap off easily if you flex it back and forth.

3. Use a magnet to check whether the items are made of iron or not. If the items are attracted by the magnet, they should be put into the “iron” box.

4. Find the items that look like iron but do not have the magnetic properties, such as hand rains, beer kegs, and car trim, which are all belongs to the stainless steel.

5. It will be a bit easier to find the copper items. You just need to look for the red metal or metal that turned green due to moisture exposure. Many wires, cables and tubing are made of copper. For the large amount of wires, a good wire stripper machine will be the best choice, because you can get a higher price with the stripped wire.

6. Put the yellow items into the “brass box”. Some items like door knobs, light fixtures, sink drain and fixtures and car radiators are all make of brass.

7. Place the car batteries into the “car battery” bin. Car battery items such as the plastic, lead, and acid are completely recyclable, which can be sold at a good price.

Of course, theory is not nearly enough, and practice is the most important thing. Engaged in manufacturing copper recycling machine for 12 years, Amisy knows the importance that practice makes perfect. Therefore, we suggest you just take a walk around your neighborhood, collect the scrap metal through away, and try to identify and sort the metals.