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A Comprehensive Classification of Copper

Copper has been widely used in our everyday life and industrial production, but how much knowledge do you know about copper? You may know some of your jewelries are made of copper and the electric wires in your house and office are copper materials. What else? Well, actually, there are a wide range of copper types according to different classification standards. 
1. According to the nature existing form

Native copper-The copper content of native copper can be more than 99%, but the amount of native copper is very little.
Oxidized copper-There is also very little oxidized copper existing in the nature. 
Copper sulphide -The copper content is about 2%-3%, which is quite low, but about 80% copper in the world is purified from copper sulphide. 

2. According to the production process

Fine copper-It is a kind of copper which has a high copper content before melting.
Blister copper-It is a copper melting from fine copper, which contains 95-98% copper content.
Pure copper-The copper content can reach 99-99.9 after the process of fiery or electrolysis. The copper content can be 99.95%-99.99% after electrolysis.

3.  According to the main alloy composition

Red copper-It is the pure copper product.

Brass-It is the alloy of copper and zinc.
Bronze-It is the alloy of copper and tin.
Cupronickel –It is the alloy of copper, cobalt and nickel.

4.  According to the product forms

The copper products can be copper pipe, copper bar, copper wire, copper plate, copper strip, copper foil etc.

Now you must have known that copper is a very complicated material, and with the development of heavy industry and the telecommunications, more and more scrap coppers begin to ruin our life. It may pollute our water recourse, pollute the air, pollute the soil and threaten our health. What should we do to deal with such a serious problem? Thank to the copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine, which bring new hope to our life. Amisy copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine are  representative products of the copper recycling business. It has been providing copper recycling service for many counties for 12 years. And we have the confidence to make our environment better.