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Copper Cable Granulator AMS 800

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An Ace Copper Cable Granulator

Do you want to own an ace copper cable granulator with superiority function and less mistakes? If you want, you can not miss my following introduction.

An ace copper cable granulator certainly comes out of a distinct manufacturer. That is Zhengzhou Amisy. Amisy is a professional maker of copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine with 12years’experience.It has its own research, design, sale and service team, which guarantee standardizing product and “one-stop” service for you.

Now turn to the key topic---ace copper cable granulator. This type produced by Amisy has realized four breakthroughs in design and technology. 

As we all know, the main measuring standard of copper granulator is the purity of copper granule and residual copper in plastic cover. Our copper cable granulator adopts double crushing process: the first crush will turn the scrap copper wires into about 10mm granule, later these rough granules would be recrushed into 3-5mm by the second crush. Double crushing process realizes the complete separation of copper from plastic and provides uniform particles for you.

Stability is another important factor influencing the function of copper wire granulator. A machine always in a swinging situation will turn everything into mass. Then how to ensure the stability of a machine? We have our own tactics---independent conveyor. It can independently deliver mixture of copper and plastic without disturbing the work of the main body.

Blade, an easily damaged part, needs our more concern. To make our copper granulator always have good performance, we put up a new method to protect the blade. The blade can be removed to be sharpened. A shining blade gives you a shining copper granule. 

Of course, PLC control system is indispensable to realize the coordinated operation of each part.

After my simple introduction, do you want to know more about our product? Amisy has prepared to offer service for you!