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The Up-to-date Copper Recycling Technology

 A leader always concerns about the new trend of his industry. Do you know about copper recycling industry? It attracts more and more people to join it; therefore, various new technologies of copper recycling equipment and copper recycling methods spring up. Double cross cutting technology, a most up-to-date technology, is welcomed with open arms for its numerous advantages.

The double cross recycling technology adopts the inclined opposed angels of the rotor and bed knives. This change is helpful to reduce the noise level, its power requirements and temperature generation.

At the same time, the knife adjustment placed outside of the copper cable granulator. It will greatly reduce the down-time. What’s more, adjustment can be carried out easily and quickly.

Overloading is a mistake the operator always makes in the production process. In this case, we usually have to stop to deal with this problem, which is a waste of time and troublesome. The generously dimension design can make this problem get better solved. It leaves power in reserve for cases of overloading, e.g. if foreign mater enters the unit.

Another creative design is standard welded construction. The granulator can be easily reconditioned by welding strengthened steel plates to parts affected by wear and tear. If required the housing can be supplied with replaceable manganese plates. The welded and annealed construction of the units is by far superior to cast models, particularly in case of overloading or when foreign matter is fed.

As we all know, bearings are a part that would be easily damaged by material entering directly flanged bearing units. It is because of this reason that we need to frequently replace them. In double cross cutting technology, rotor bearing is placed outboard.

This double cross cutting equipment is suitable for using in cable recycling plants. If you don’t have such big scale production, I will recommend the copper wire granulator and wire stripping machine of Amisy, which has various modes to meet your different reauirements.